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Dr. Karen Sobel Lojeski

Founder & CEO, Virtual Distance International

Dr. Karen Sobel Lojeski is the Founder and CEO of Virtual Distance International (VDI), an executive advisory and software firm specializing in Future of Work.  Her products and services are powered by her award-winning workplace analytics discovery - Virtual Distance – the growing sense of disconnection resulting from computer mediated communications.  Since Covid-19 began, Karen’s work has become ever more prescient and is leveraged around the world to solve the most vexing work shift challenges.


Karen started her career as a Systems Engineer with a B.S. in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. Throughout her corporate career she held strategic leadership positions at major corporations including Chase Manhattan Bank, Stratus Computer, and Mercer Consulting. After 18 years on Wall Street, Karen went back to university to pursue her curiosities, concerns and questions about how technology impacts human behaviors.  Karen earned her Ph.D. from Stevens Institute of Technology where her dissertation, Virtual Distance:  A New Model for the Study of Virtual Work, won Outstanding Dissertation of the Year.


Karen founded Virtual Distance International in 2004 after large institutions such as Bank of America, the U.S. Navy, The World Bank and others immediately saw how her work could be applied.  Her revelatory insights have led her to engagements with some of the world’s largest organizations, governments, healthcare companies, non-profits, academic institutions and more; to navigate the world of work integrated with human well-being in the digital age and pandemic era.


Karen is the world’s leading expert on these subjects.  She is the author of three best-selling books: The Power of Virtual Distance:  A Guide to Productivity and Happiness in the Age of Remote Work (Wiley, 2020), Leading the Virtual Workforce and Uniting the Virtual Workforce. Karen has been showcased in the NYT, WSJ, CNBC, NPR and many other global outlets.  She is a highly sought-after motivational guru and international speaker on the future of work, technology’s impacts on human experience, well-being, meaningfulness and related topics.